Friday, March 30, 2007

Young Man's Jazz Offering in Chicago

At school, we have started preparing for the play we're going to do:
Jonah Man Jazz! It's a Jazz and we just started the first song. It's based on the Bible story of Jonah, whom God chose to send a message to the sinning people of the city, Ninevah. He refused, went on a ship and sailed away. God saw it and caused a storm. The sailors on the ship drew lots and found Jonah to be jinxed. They threw him overboard where he was swallowed by a whale. After three days in the belly of the whale, it spat him out on the shores of Ninevha, where Jonah carried out his mission.

The lyrics are below:

Ninevah city was a city of sin
The jazzin' and the jivin' made a terrible din
Beat groups playin'! O rock and roll!
And the Lord when He heard it
Said: "Bless my Soul!"

The people wouldn't listen
Danced night and day
No time for work
No time to pray
They went on dancing
By day and by night
Till the Lord he said:
"Well this ain't right!"

The Lord He pondered
A subtle plan
He looked around
For a righteous man
Saw Jonah sittin''
Neath a pineapple tree
And the Lord He said"
That's the man for me!

A righteous man that I can trust
To raise this city
From out the dust
The Man that's sitting
'Neath the pineapple tree,
I'm certain sure, sure, sure.....
Is the man for me!"

Hope you like!

And please wish me luck so I get a good part!

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